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Capital Ideas TV: LGC Capital Building a Global Footprint

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to John McMullen, CEO of LGC Capital (TSXV:LG), about the company’s global strategy, planned two million+ square foot production capacity, and retail brands. LGC is looking to more than triple revenue in 2019, and McMullen says the ultimate goal is to roll up the assets in which the company has stakes into LGC.

Capital Ideas TV: Peekaboo Beans Pivots to Omni-Channel, Shopify & Influencers

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Peekaboo Beans (CSE:BEAN) founder and CEO Traci Costa, who tells us about the children’s clothing company’s strategic shift from direct selling to an omni-channel model, and the immediate results Peekaboo has seen.

Another big change has been Peekaboo’s move to Shopify’s e-commerce platform, which Costa calls “amazing”.

Costa also discusses Peekaboo’s use of social media influencers to build brand awareness. All of these moves Costa believes will “supercharge” growth and light a fire under the stock.

Capital Ideas TV Live! w/Kiril Mugerman, President & CEO, Kintavar Exploration

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Kintavar Exploration President and CEO Kiril Mugerman, who tells us about the company’s promising copper project in southern Quebec. Larger players are already taking an interest.

Mugerman also discusses Kintavar’s gold properties in Quebec that are surrounded by projects owned by bigger gold companies such as Agnico Eagle.

Kintavar’s stock quintupled earlier this year and Mugerman says the shares have come back into a buying zone for those who missed the first run.

Capital Ideas TV Live – Ryan Modesto, CEO of 5i Research

Ryan Modesto, CEO of 5i Research. Best ideas, investing strategies and viewer questions

Capital Ideas Live with Ryan Irvine: Five Top Picks, Strategies & How to Profit Now

Capital Ideas TV host Mark Bunting talks to KeyStone Financial founder and independent researcher Ryan Irvine, whose small cap growth picks have returned an average of nearly +37% annually since 1998. Learn about Ryan’s top picks, cash rich stocks with takeover potential, investing strategies and why you make your money in down markets.

Capital Ideas TV: EastWest Bioscience Growing Fast, Profitability in Sight

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Rodney Gelineau, the CEO of EastWest Bioscience (TSXV:EAST), which just completed a reverse takeover with Harbour Star Capital.

Rodney explains EAST’s strategy, gives revenue and profitability projections, and talks about EAST’s recent purchase of Sangster’s, a health store chain that’s been around since the early 1970s.

Capital Ideas TV: Strong Organic Growth at Organic Garage

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Organic Garage (TSXV:OG) founder and CEO Matt Lurie at the company’s newly-opened store in the densely populated, high traffic and millennial heavy Liberty Village in Toronto.

Organic Garage’s expansion plan is on track with Q2 sales rising 28% thanks to new store openings with more on the way.

Big food retailers are eyeing the organic sector as evidenced by’s $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods and Sobeys takeout of Farm Boy for $800 million. What would Organic Garage be worth in a takeover scenario?

The Capital Ideas Difference

Find out why self-directed investors rely on Capital Ideas Media to help them make well-informed choices about where to put their money.

Legalization Special LIVE!

Legalization special with guests Bruce Campbell, founder and portfolio manager of StoneCastle Investment Management, Marc Lustig, CEO of CannaRoyalty (CSE:CRZ), and Tyler Robson (CSE:VGW), CEO of Valens GroWorks. Seven investment ideas in this show.

Capital Ideas TV: Halo Labs Ramping Revenue in U.S.

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Kiran Sidhu, the CEO of Halo Labs (NEO:HALO), a newly-public, U.S.-based maker of increasingly popular oils and concentrates. Halo Labs has a large market share in Oregon, and is expanding into California and Nevada. Sidhu says the company is on the verge of achieving more than $5 million U.S. per month in revenue.

Capital Ideas TV: Big Catalysts Imminent for Siyata Mobile

Siyata Mobile (TSXV:SIM) CEO and founder, Marc Seelenfreund, says the company is a few weeks away from signing a deal with a large telecom carrier in Canada for the company’s first mover, six-in-one communications device for commercial vehicles, the Uniden UV350. And, Siyata is a few months away from similar deals with the biggest telecom carriers in the U.S.

Watch our interview with Seelenfreund as he details the dramatic impact the UV350 will have on Siyata’s top and bottom lines. He says there are nearly 15 million commercial and first responder vehicles in the U.S. and Canada, and Siyata’s partners only have to get the UV350 into a tiny fraction of those vehicles to double the company’s sales.

Seelenfreund believes the market is soon going to wake up to these meaningful catalysts and Siyata Mobile’s story. Watch this video and consider the stock before it does.

Capital Ideas TV: Isodiol Leading the CBD Market

Isodiol International is out in front in the race to bring CBD-derived pharmaceutical and health and wellness products to market. The company sells a wide variety of more than 30 products in the U.S., UK, China and soon Canada. Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Isodiol Canada President Soheil Samimi, who explains the potential of the fledgling CBD market, and the company’s plans to grow organically and through acquisitions.

Capital Ideas TV: Cannex Capital Tackling the “Next Great Frontier”

Cannex Capital is already the largest producer in Washington state and is moving into California through their purchase of Jetty Extracts. Cannex has capital and U.S. companies want it. Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Cannex CEO Anthony Dutton, a serial entrepreneur and big believer in operational excellence being the key to any company. Dutton lays out Cannex’s vision and why he believes that the winners in this emerging sector will be the ones who brand the best.

Capital Ideas TV, GreenPower Motor: Powering Ahead in EV Bus Market

GreenPower Motor Company Powers Forward

GreenPower Motor Company (TSXV:GPV) has quickly transitioned from startup phase to operating profit as it rapidly ramps up its order book for its electric buses.

Hear from GreenPower Motor chairman Fraser Atkinson on the company’s revolutionary EV buses, how it’s gaining market share in different niches, where the sales traction is coming from, and how the company managed to become EBITDA positive so fast.

GreenPower Motor shares have more than doubled since we first interviewed Mr. Atkinson.

Find out why the company’s future in EV buses is so bright.

Capital Ideas TV, Planet 13: Building the Largest Dispensary in the World

“Over-The-Top” Cannabis Complex in Las Vegas.

Things may be big in Texas, but nowhere in the world is there as much glitz, glamour and scale than in Las Vegas.

That’s why Sin City is the perfect location for the largest cannabis entertainment complex in the world.

Hear from the co-CEO of Planet 13 (CSE:PLTH), which is building a massive development on the edge of the Vegas strip.

Planet 13 is already cash flow positive, has $20 million in the bank, has big plans to roll out its brand across the U.S. and, by tapping the 55 million tourists in Vegas every year, to make this huge dispensary a global attraction.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 50: CEOs of Franco-Nevada, Tucows, Emerald Health & Trex

Here’s the 50th episode of Capital Ideas TV! 📺

We kick off this episode with a heavy hitter, David Harquail, the long-time CEO of Franco-Nevada (TSX:FNV), the world’s largest and most successful royalty and streaming company. Find out about the company’s most exciting projects and how Harquail has led the firm to anannual growth rate, the last 10 years, of nearly 20%.

We focus on the other half of Village Farms’ Pure Sunfarms joint venture, Emerald Health Therapeutics (TSXV:EMH), in a conversation with CEO Chris Wagner. Emerald is thinking big and plans to create entirely new products for the cannabis sector.

Tucows (TSX:TC) is consistently one of Canada’s most successful technology companies with a return the last 10 years of more than 750%. But, the stock doesn’t get the attention it deserves. CEO Elliot Nosstells us how he helped to build the second-largest web domain name registrar company in the world, and how Tucows is applying is disruptive qualities to mobile and internet in the U.S.

And we talk to another overachiever in Trex (NYSE:TREX), North America’s leader in composite decking. This company has always proven the doubters wrong. Wait until you see Trex’s stock chart.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 49: First Anniversary Show!

Best Ideas & Greatest Hits!

Small cap guru Ryan Irvine, President of KeyStone Financial, is featured in our First Anniversary Show. So are other sharp investment minds like Peter Hodson of 5i Research and Capital Ideas contributor Fabrice Taylor. 

In this special episode, we also update the stories of the companies and CEOs that stood out over the past year such as Legend Power Systems, CannTrust, Nano One Materials and Sandstorm Gold.

Join us in celebrating the fact that we’ve brought you a year’s worth of investment ideas through Capital Ideas TV. You, at least, have to admit the price is just right.

We’re also busy lining up live events for year two where you can ask questions in real time.

Until then, enjoy the show!

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 48: CEOs of Lexagene, Village Farms, Generation Mining & First Cobalt

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to the founder and CEO of Lexagene, Dr. Jack Regan, who has developed a patented system to test 22 pathogens at once in about an hour. Lexagene is racing toward commercialization – unless the company gets taken out first.

Village Farms CEO Michael DeGiglio pays us another visit to update us on the company’s progress in building out millions of square feet of growing capacity. Find out why DeGiglio wants to ‘accelerate’ commoditization in the sector.

Serial mining entrepreneur Kerry Knoll is back with his latest venture, Generation Mining, after engineering the sale of Pine Point Mining. All this guy does is make shareholders money so keep an eye on this one.

And First Cobalt CEO Trent Mell explains the investment case for his company, which owns the Iron Creek mine in Idaho, and is being described as a ‘go-to’ cobalt supplier and refiner as demand for the metal for electric vehicle batteries stays strong.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 47: The HotBox. A Shark-Tank-Style Event

The new episode of Capital Ideas TV indentified two cannabis investment ideas run by smart entrepreneurs at the recent Shark Tank-style HotBox event.

Come inside the HotBox where five entrepreneurial companies square off against four savvy investors in trying to raise money for the ideas.

Capital Ideas TV is on location capturing the drama and finding out about two companies in particular that impressed the judges and are on the fast track to going public.

Learn about the business models and ambitions of Ehave, Leaf, Mary’s Wellness, Agspectra and Sunpure, and who best withstood the heat of the HotBox.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 46: CEOs of Aphria & Namaste. Plus, education on warrants and financings

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting sits down with Aphria (TSX:APH) CEO Vic Neufeld for part three of their conversation, in which Neufeld expands on the company’s U.S. strategy, mergers and acquisitions and his overall vision.

Mark also speaks again to Sean Dollinger, co-founder, president and CEO of Namaste Technologies (TSXV:N) about the company’s recent flurry of deals, future goals and the stock’s valuation. (Don’t miss the 420 Live every Wednesday on Namaste’s YouTube page. It’s a co-production with Capital Ideas TV.)

Plus, some investor education from contributor Fabrice Taylor on how investors can profit from warrants. And veteran dealmaker Scott Paterson, Chairman of QYOU Media (TSXV:QYOU), on how company’s are financed.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 45: CEOs of Alcanna, Accord Financial, Engagement Labs & Cronos Group

Accord Financial (TSX:ACD) is a bit of a sleepy stock because of heavy insider ownership. But poke around and you’ll find this alternative lender is completing a five-year transformation, has a sexy Hollywood edge to it now, and plans to make the shares more attractive to retail investors. Get the scoop from CEO Tom Henderson.

You’d be impressed by the client list of Engagement Labs (TSXV:EL) – if only their customers allowed them to name them.

Suffice to say they are Fortune 500 companies in a broad swath of sectors, which are taking advantage of the company’s proprietary AI and machine learning-driven TotalSocial 3.0 to help them increase sales and return on investment.

CEO Ed Keller updates us on the latest happenings, explains the stock’s huge gain and round trip back to earth, and tells us why now is the time to get in for another nice ride.

Alcanna (TSX:CLIQ) is the former Liquor Stores N.A., and has a new plan to take a sizeable share of Canada’s cannabis market. We talk to the CEO Jamie Burns who lays out the strategy.

That’s not all. We also speak to one of the winners of our Stock Picking Contest (yes, that was a while ago – long story) and to the CEO of Cronos Group (TSX:CRON), Michael Gorenstein, whose stock was the best performing in the competition, surging more than 540%.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 44: Women in Power. Lucara, Aequus, Quadron & Peekaboo

In this special episode, Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting sits down with four women who are a powerful combination of entrepreneurs, founders, co-founders, CEOs and COOs, who lead four very interesting companies involved in diamonds, pharmaceuticals, MMJ extraction, and direct sales e-commerce.

Mark talks to serial entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Lucara Diamond (TSX:LUC), Eira Thomas, about the company’s massive diamond finds, the plan for an underground mine at Karowe in Botswana, and Lucara’s disruptive digital sales platform.

Mark also speaks to Anne Stevens, co-founder and COO of Aequus Pharma (TSXV:AQS), about the company’s overall strategy, revenue generating products, and plans for transdermal patches.

Mark talks to Rosy Mondin, CEO of Quadron Cannatech (CSE:QCC), a company with a leading edge oil extraction machine called ‘The Boss’. Mondin is also a forceful advocate in the MMJ sector.

And we catch up with the founder and CEO of Peekaboo Beans (TSXV:BEAN), Traci Costa, to find out about the direct sales e-commerce company’s push into the U.S., new products, and cost control initiatives.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 43: Vic Neufeld In His Own Words, Speakeasy, RavenQuest & Bruce Campbell

The show features an exclusive conversation with Aphria (TSX:APH) CEO Vic Neufeld near his old family farm in Leamington, Ontario. Vic opens up about his family, his rabble rousing youth, and the legacy he wants to leave.

Then it’s on to the investment ideas with George Robinson, the CEO of RavenQuest BioMed (CSE:RQB), a company that has advised numerous cannabis producers from setup to licensing to production. Hear about the company’s ambitious production capacity expansion plan.

We talk to Marc Geen, CEO of Speakeasy Cannabis Club (CSE:EASY) about strictly producing premium cannabis using a number of expert cultivators, mostly from B.C., where the company is based in the fertile Okanagan Valley.

Plus, Bruce Campbell, the founder of StoneCastle Investment Management. He manages the Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp. (CSE:CGOC), and has three investment ideas for you.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 42: Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld, Namaste, Invictus MD & Gene Simmons

Capital Ideas TV gets an exclusive tour of Aphria’s headquarters in Leamington, Ontario from CEO Vic Neufeld and co-founder John Cervini, and comes away with never before seen footage of the company’s operations. Host Mark Bunting interviews Neufeld about Aphria’s latest deals and the controversy over the Nuuvera acquisition.

We have part two of our interview with Sean Dollinger, the CEO of Namaste Technologies. He details the company’s goals with CannMart and the grand international plan.

We also meet Invictus MD Strategies’ CEO Daniel Kriznic, who talks about how his company is different from peers, and how he convinced Gene Simmons to become an investor and Chief Evangelist Officer.

Then, part two of our interview with the legendary rock star and entrepreneur. Simmons explains why he chose Invictus after being courted by a number of companies in the MMJ sector.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 41: KISS’s Gene Simmons, CannTrust, Park Lawn & NuRAN Wireless

Capital Ideas Media Publisher Mark Bunting conducts a wide-ranging and entertaining interview with legendary rock star and entrepreneur Gene Simmons, the Chief Evangelist Officer of Invictus MD (TSVX:GENE).

Mark also talks to CannTrust (TSX:TRST) President and COO Brad Rogers about the company’s top tier financial metrics in the MMJ sector, and why the stock flies under many investors radars.

Park Lawn (TSX:PLC) CEO Andrew Clark sits down with Mark to discuss the company’s plans for its $125+ million cash available for acquisitions. A few days later, Park Lawn pulled off its biggest-ever deal in the U.S.

And the VP of sales and marketing for NuRAN Wireless (CSE:NUR), Francis Letourneau, discusses the company’s partnership with Facebook and its plans to connect the ‘the next billion’ in developing countries.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 40: Nicola Mining, Rise Gold, New Carolin Gold & 360 Blockchain

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Nicola Mining (TSXV:NIM) CEO, Peter Espig, about the company’s high grade copper Craigmont property in B.C. and the possibility of partnering with MMJ and cryptocurrency firms.

Mark speaks with Benjamin Mossman, CEO of Rise Gold (CSE:RISE), which is reviving what was once the second most prolific gold mine in the U.S.

Mark also talks to a director of New Carolin Gold (TSXV:LAD) about the company’s promising gold prospect in B.C.

Plus, a conversation with Jeff Koyen, strategic adviser to 360 Blockchain (CSE:CODE), on the company’s investments in the blockchain sector.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 39: All-Star Performers Special Edition

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEOs of the best performing stock ideas since Capital Ideas TV’s inception in June of 2017, including Tony Di Benedetto of Drone Delivery Canada (TSXV:FLT), up 352%, as of March 17, since our first interview.

Mark also talks to the chief executives of big winners Village Farms International (TSX:VFF), Aphria (TSX:APH), and Canada Jetlines (TSXV:JET).

And we visit Namaste Technologies (CSE:N) CEO Sean Dollinger at the company’s spanking, new CannMart facility, where he tells us about the importance of getting a production license for the business.

Best of PDAC: CEOs of Sandstorm, LSC Lithium, Far Resources & Pacific Rim Cobalt

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Sandstorm Gold (TSX:SSL) President and CEO Nolan Watson about the gold streaming and royalty company’s plan to join the big leagues of its space. Watson still holds the record of being the youngest-ever CFO, at 26, of a NYSE-listed company when he was at Silver Wheaton.

Mark speaks to LSC Lithium (TSXV:LSC) President and CEO Ian Stalker about the company’s extensive lithium assets in the ‘lithium triangle’ in Argentina. The company has a massive land package and is actively drilling.

Mark also talks to Toby Mayo, the new CEO of Far Resources (CSE:FAT) about the company’s mother lode of a lithium mine in Manitoba.

And we hear from the President and CEO of Pacific Rim Cobalt (CSE:BOLT), Ranjeet Sundher, about the firm’s mine in Indonesia and how the company is well-positioned to supply the ravenous cobalt market for years to come.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 37: President of Big Blockchain, CEOs of Questerre Energy & Carl Data

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Big Blockchain Intelligence Group (CSE:BIGG) executive chairman, president and co-founder Shone Anstey about the opportunities in bringing cryptocurrencies mainstream and cleaning up their image.

Mark talks to Questerre Energy (QEC-T) CEO Michael Binnion about the company’s massive shale gas play in Quebec, and its geographically diversified portfolio of assets.

Mark also speaks again with Carl Data Solutions (CSE:CRL) CEO Greg Johnston about advancements in its predictive analytics for waste water infrastructure management. Carl Data has contracts with cities such as Boston, L.A., Dallas and Toronto.

Capital Ideas TV, Special Lithium Episode: CEOs of Nano One & Desert Lion, CFO of Neo Lithium

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Nano One Materials (NNO.V) CEO Dan Blondal about the company’s disruptive process of making lithium ion batteries less expensive and more powerful. The company is close to commercialization and in talks with major automotive and chemical companies.

Mark speaks again with the CEO of Desert Lion Energy (DLI.V), Tim Johnston, about the company’s unique lithium play in Namibia, which is already generating revenue and has plenty of access to existing infrastructure. The company has an off take deal with a Chinese firm to buy its product with more transactions to come.

And Mark sits down with the CFO of Neo Lithium (NLC.V) for an in-depth talk about the company’s huge lithium mine in Argentina. Carlos Vicens updates us on the company’s progress, talks with potential strategic and financial partners, and he gives his view of the lithium supply, demand and pricing environment.

Capital Ideas TV, Special Cannabis Episode: CEOs of Cronos Group & Indiva; plus Bruce Campbell

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Cronos Group (MJN:TSXV) President, CEO and chairman Michael Gorenstein about the company’s ambitious plans to have cannabis production hubs on six continents. He also discusses what it means to the company that it was the best-performing in our stock picking contest.

Mark talks to Indiva (NDVA: CN) President, CEO, Director and Founder Niel Marotta about the company’s deep roots in medical cannabis, and about the company’s legendary activist master grower Pete Young.

And Mark sits down with Bruce Campbell, the Founder and portfolio manager of StoneCastle Investment Management. Bruce gets to meet all of the cannabis CEOs, does his due diligence, and then picks the winners. He has three investment ideas for us.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 34: President of LexaGene, CFO of Mogo, CEOs of Deveron UAS and Hashchain

In this technology-themed episode, Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Daryl Rebeck, the president of LexaGene Holdings (LXG.V), which is close to commercializing a faster and easier way to test for pathogens. Large medical diagnostics companies are taking notice, and Rebeck goes on the record saying LexaGene could get a takeover offer by November.

Mark speaks again with Mogo Finance Technology (MOGO.TO) CFO, Greg Feller, about why he wants the company to be the ‘go-to’ digital bank in Canada, and about the company’s recent move into blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Mark also talks to the hands on founder of Hashchain (KASH.V), Patrick Gray, who started the cryptocurrency miner in his garage. Gray says the company is much more than a miner as Hashchain is taking a leading role in regulations surrounding blockchain and crypto, and developing software solutions.

And Mark sits down again with David MacMillan, the CEO of drone data for agriculture company Deveron UAS. MacMillan updates us on the company’s progress, which includes revenue growing by about eight times from last year, being cash flow positive, and landing an important deal with Monsanto.

Special Episode: CEOs of Organigram, Namaste, Hiku Brands & FinCanna

(Clarification: Health Canada’s Office of Medical Cannabis has provided Namaste Technologies with a Confirmation of Readiness for a license under Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations for the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Cannmart Inc. A banner in the interview states Namaste has already received approval, which is incorrect.)

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks again with Namaste Technologies (N:CSE) co-founder and CEO Sean Dollinger about the company’s dizzying pace of deal making. Despite a massive move in the stock, Dollinger still believes the shares are undervalued compared to peers.

Mark Bunting interviews Organigram Holdings (OGI:TSXV) CEO Greg Engel about how the company is using its more than $170 million cash pile to fund its aggressive expansion. Find out how OGI plans to be one of the larger players in the space.

Hiku Brands has sprung from the combination of Tokyo Smoke and DOJA. Mark speaks to Hiku CEO Alan Gertner, a former Google exec and founder of Tokyo Smoke. Gartner has a grand vision and wants Hiku to become the ‘Starbucks’ of the sector.

California dreamin’. FinCanna Capital is making that dream real by focusing on the Golden State with its unique royalty model. CEO Andriyko Herchak explains how the company is nicely positioned to capitalize on demand in a very large market.

Special Blockchain Episode: Founders/CEOs of BTL Group, Clinical Blockchain & Hill Top Security

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to BTL Group (BTL-V) founder Guy Halford-Thompson about the company’s projects with BP and Visa Europe, and the company’s plan to be the first to bring a real blockchain use to an industry. Revenue for BTL is around the corner.

We speak to Clinical Blockchain Data Sciences CEO Brian Leeners (his name has a typo in the show) about how his company is using blockchain to make notoriously flawed clinical trial data reliable. Clinical is another company that expects revenue soon and is going public.

And we talk with Corby Marshall, the CEO of soon to be public Hill Top Security, about how the company is using blockchain to beef up its military-grade cybersecurity.

Capital IdeasTV, Episode 31: CEOs of Engagement Labs, Globex Mining & eXeblock Technology

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Engagement Labs CEO Ed Keller, whose company has proprietary predictive analytic technology that helps their Fortune 500 clients better understand their customers. Engagement Labs (EL:TSX) just landed its largest-ever contract, and Mr. Keller explains how and why the company is entering a strong growth phase. The market agrees as the stock has doubled in recent weeks.

Mark talks to Globex Mining (GMX:TSX) CEO, Jack Stoch, about the company’s vast array of property assets, royalty model and other revenue streams as metals price climb. Mr. Stoch has been in the mining game a long time, and explains why he’s convinced the market is wildly undervaluing his company.

Mark also speaks to the founder of eXeBlock Technology (XBLK:CSE), Jonathan Baha’i, about the company’s development of decentralized applications (DAPPS) for blockchain, which he says can attain mass adoption and drive rapid revenue growth.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 30: CEOs of goeasy, Village Farms & Carl Data Solutions

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talk to goeasy CEO David Ingram, the long-time CEO of the alternative lender, who has presided over a more than 4,000% increase in the stock price. He says there’s more growth to come. Don’t bet against him.

Mark speaks again with Village Farms International founder and CEO, Michael DeGiglio, who shares are higher by more than 325% since his first visit. The market has woken up to the company’s transition from organic produce to licensed producer of you know what. Find out how Village Farms’ low-cost model will win the day.

Mark also talks to Carl Data Solutions CEO, Greg Johnston, whose company is making sense of the massive amount of data companies produced. Clients include the cities of Toronto, L.A. and Dallas.

And, seeing that gold has had a breakout, how about three international gold ideas from Spartan Fund Management’s Mark Zaret, who advises the outperforming Teraz Fund.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 29: CEOs of Cineplex, Peekaboo Beans, Novoheart & GreenPower Motor

Capital Ideas publisher Mark Bunting talks to Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob about the recent malaise in the stock and what he’s doing to reignite growth.

Mark speaks with GreenPower Motor’s executive chairman Fraser Atkinson about how the electric bus maker is shifting from development to commercialization.

Peekaboo Beans founder and CEO Traci Costa sits down with Mark to discuss the e-commerce company’s expansion into the U.S., which she expects to produce hyper-growth.

And Mark talk with Novoheart CEO Ronald Li about the company’s disruptive ‘mini-hearts’, which can dramatically reduce costs and patient harm in clinical trials.

Capital Ideas TV: Best Ideas for 2018

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting examines analyst research and presents seven of the best investment ideas for this year to make investors money. They range from funeral home and royalty companies to an alternative lender and a blockchain firm. Plus, contributor Fabrice Taylor explains how to profit from his strategy of picking stocks at 52-week highs.

Capital Ideas TV, Best of 2017: Cannabis, Blockchain, Lithium & More

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting examines some of the the winning stock ideas for Capital Ideas TV in the past several months. He interviews the CEOs of cannabis sensation Village Farms International, big blockchain winner HIVE, and lithium leader Nemaska, and analyses the companies and sectors in which they operate.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 26: CEOs of Glance, Drone Delivery & Bee Vectoring plus Fabrice Taylor

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Glance Technologies co-founder Desmond Griffin about how the mobile payments company is beating Apple at its own game. The stock is up more than 1,500% since going public but there’s lots more to come.

Mark sits down with Drone Delivery Canada CEO Tony Di Benedetto about the company’s successful test flights, having first mover advantage and being on the cusp of commercialization.

Mark also talks to Bee Vectoring Technology CEO Ashish Malik about the company’s inventive technology for bees to cost effectively and safely pollinate crops? This company is also shifting from development to revenue generation and the agriculture world is listening.

Plus, contributor Fabrice Taylor goes behind the scenes to explain how to avoid dubious news releases and what regulators are doing about them to protect investors.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 25: CEOs of Siyata Mobile, Ceylon Graphite and Imagin Medical

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Siyata Mobile CEO Marc Seelenfreund, who gives the first live demonstration of the company’s innovative, new flagship communications system for commercial vehicles that will hit the market in the first half of 2018.

Mark also talks to the head of Ceylon Graphite, Bharat Parashar, about the company’s ambitious plans to mine graphite in Sri Lanka, where the mineral is plentiful. The company is already in talks with potential customers who crave graphite for lithium ion batteries and electric storage.

Plus, Mark speaks with Jim Hutchens, the CEO of Imagin Medical, about the company’s new, low-cost, efficient way to test for bladder cancer.

Capital Ideas TV, Cannabis Special Episode!

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting examines the growth potential and trends in the global cannabis sector using some great charts and stats.

Mark then talks to Canadian Securities Exchange CEO Richard Carleton about how the CSE became the go-to exchange for early stage cannabis companies.

Mark speaks to Namaste Technologies co-founder and CEO, Sean Dollinger, about how the company plans to capitalize on its world-leading position as the number one seller of vaporizers. The stock has surged lately but is still undervalued.

Mark talks to the executive chairman of Canabo Medical, Dr. Neil Smith, about the invaluable data the company is assembling from medicinal marijuana patients and how licensed producers, pharma companies and others increasingly want to pay for it.

Mark also chats with StoneCastle Investment Management founder, Bruce Campbell, who gives us three under the radar cannabis stock picks.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 23: CEOs of Pine Point, U.S. Cobalt, Greenbriar, Organic Garage and VIQ

Capital Ideas Media publisher talks to veteran miner Kerry Knoll, who has the magic touch having developed companies that became Goldcorp, B2Gold and Thompson Creek Metals, which got taken out last year for $1.1 billion. Knoll’s latest project is Pine Point Mining (ZINC-V), which is developing a large past producing zinc mine in the N.W.T.

We speak to Wayne Tisdale, the CEO of U.S. Cobalt (USCO-V), which is developing a high-grade mine in the Idaho cobalt belt. The company has the lithium ion battery market squarely in its sights.

We also talk to Jeff Ciachurski, who sold his previous venture, Western Wind, for more than $400 million. Now, he’s building out another renewable energy company in Greenbriar Capital (GRB-V).

We catch up with the founder of Organic Garage (OG-V), Matt Lurie, at the company’s Liberty Village location due to open next summer. Set in one of North America’s most densely populated and demographically attractive areas, this store looks like a gold mine and should meaningfully move the revenue and earnings needles.

Plus, a lot of companies talk about AI because it’s buzzy but VIQ Solutions (VIQ-V) is the real deal. See our conversation with CEO Sebastien Pare.

Blockchain, Part Two: CEOs of eXeBlock Technology, Leonovus and GMP Capital

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEO of freshly public eXeBlock Technology (XBLK-CSE), which is developing decentralized apps (dapps), and has a historic, unlikely and cool spot for its headquarters.

As a bonus, watch out tomorrow for an exclusive interview with contributor Fabrice Taylor, who owns eXeBlock shares, and believes the company may be the best of the blockchain bunch.

We speak to the CEO of Leonovus, which is developing blockchain storage security for RBC and has surged since our first interview.

We talk to the CEO of GMP Capital, who is so convinced of blockchain’s future that he set up a dedicated team of analysts and bankers to explore, finance and guide blockchain companies.

Plus, contributor Genevieve Roch-Decter sits down with Blockchain Revolution co-author, Alex Tapscott, to talk about blockchain’s impact and future.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 21: Chair of Neo Lithium, CEOs of Nemaska Lithium & Desert Lion Energy

The world has plenty of lithium. But it’s not being produced at a fast enough level to supply the demand from lithium ion battery producers and makers of electric vehicles, especially as governments fast track their plans for the elimination of gasoline powered cars and trucks, and automakers accelerate their plans to go electric.

There’s real concern there’s going to be a massive shortage of lithium in the coming years if enough mines don’t come into production in time. That’s where our guests come in.

We talk to the chairman of Neo Lithium, Constantine Karayannopoulos, who explains the industry dynamics, and gives you the latest news on the company’s big mine in Argentina.

We speak with Guy Bourassa, CEO of Nemaska Lithium, about the company’s mine in Quebec, and the prospect of eventually operating a global hub for processing lithium.

We sit down with Desert Lion Energy CEO, Tim Johnston, a lithium expert, to find out what drew him to the company’s past producing mine in Namibia after having seen more than 200 lithium mines around the world.

Plus, Cormark Securities analyst MacMurray Whale tells you which lithium stocks are worth buying.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 20: CEOs of Grande West, Carl Data, Moovly Media & Versus Systems

Our 20th show features Grande West Transportation CEO
Will Trainer, who tells us how the company disrupted the bus sector by creating a whole new segment of mid-sized vehicles. Sales are growing quickly, the company has turned a profit and Beacon Securities sees nearly 80% upside for the stock.

We speak to Greg Johnston, the head of industrial internet of things company Carl Data Solutions, about how the firm is well-positioned with its big data as a service offering.

We also sit down with the CEO of Moovly Media, Brendon Grunewald, who explains how the supplier to more than 300 Fortune 500 companies makes video production easy for corporations and individuals, and why revenue is starting to flow.

And we talk to Matthew Pierce, the founder and CEO of Versus Systems, which is taking a slice of the $100+ billion gaming sector by engaging gamers with prize rewards and getting fees for every one.

Capital Ideas TV: Blockchain Special Episode

Capital ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Don Tapscott, the technology evangelist and best-selling co-author of Blockchain Revolution, about how and why blockchain is the “second era of the internet” and will seismically change the way the world operates.

Mark talks to the CEO of red-hot HIVE Blockchain Technologies, Harry Pokrandt, who explains the company’s bitcoin mining model and how, through its cash flow positive facilities in Scandinavia, its going to quickly grow revenue and earnings.

Contributor Fabrice Taylor walks us through the labyrinth of blockchain financings, how to spot winners and how to avoid getting suckered by the latest promoter slapping blockchain on a company name and selling it to unsuspecting investors.

We also speak to technology veteran Michael Gaffney, the CEO of Leonovus Inc., which has just signed up one of the big six banks to prove its concept of combining blockchain to its existing distributed storage technology to keep data safe without using legacy systems, which are prone to hacking.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 18: CEOs of Mogo, Organic Garage, Augusta Industries + Fabrice Taylor

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Mogo Finance Technology CFO Greg Feller about the company’s plan to reach 1 million users in three years as it increases its digital product offerings.

Mark visits the funky new store of Organic Garage to talk to founder and CEO Matt Lurie. He says his prices are still as much as 25% lower than Whole Foods despite the hype over the Amazon-owned company’s discounts.

Mark also talks to Augusta Industries CEO Allen Lone who explains why this Enbridge partner is on the verge of explosive growth as it adds leak detection to its product line.

Plus, don’t miss Fabrice Taylor as he gives a detailed explanation of his 52-week high buying strategy. He uses charts to show you how to identify winners and profit.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 17: CEOs of MedReleaf, Diversified Royalty, Peekaboo Beans, Globex

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Diversified Royalty CEO Sean Morrison, who pioneered the multi-royalty strategy in Canada and has provided a catalyst for the company by buying the trademarks to Air Miles Canada. Diversified also pays a healthy 7% dividend yield.

Mark chats with Peekaboo Beans Founder and CEO Traci Costa, who explains why the company’s model is a next generation version of Tupperware and Avon, and how the socially conscious company is on the cusp of hyper growth as it expands it’s children’s clothing offerings into the U.S.

Globex Mining CEO Jack Stoch explains the company’s mineral property bank model, talks about an exciting silver play in a prolific part of Germany and makes the case that Globex’s shares are deeply undervalued.

Mark also interviews Neil Closner, the CEO of MedReleaf, one of the largest and most profitable licensed producers of medical cannabis, about the company’s high-quality control standards and how MedRelaf is an “aggressive growth engine”.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 16: CEO of QYOU Media, plus Bruce Campbell and Ed Sollbach

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to the charismatic, irrepressible and high-energy Scott Paterson, one of Bay Street’s most prolific dealmaker’s and the Chairman of QYOU Media. Find out how this company is creating a new MTV by packaging web videos for broadcasters and targeting the millennial market. Mark also welcomes Bruce Campbell, the founder of StoneCastle Investment Management, who gives you three growth ideas. Plus, Ed Sollbach of Spartan Investment Management explains his “core and more” strategy and provides three ideas – two pay healthy dividends and the other is a gaming company that he thinks has been unduly punished.

Capital Ideas TV, Special Episode: CEO of FinCanna Capital

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to FinCanna Capital president, CEO and director Andriyko Herchak about the company’s cannabis royalty model, which is focused on California, the largest legal cannabis region in the U.S. In fact, sales are twice the size of Canada’s. Herchak says FinCanna has partnered with a “dream team” of top-notch cultivators and has negotiated an attractive royalty arrangement. This is an exciting investment opportunity for accredited investors.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 15: CEOs of TECSYS, Empire Industries & Nanotech Security

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to the chief executives of three companies that are leaders in their respective fields. Mark interviews Peter Brereton, the CEO of supply chain management company TECSYS Inc. (TSX:TCS), which has made a “game-changing” move into health care. Empire Industries (TSXV:EIL) CEO Guy Nelson has transitioned his company from steel fabrication to building the coolest attractions in the world for the likes of Disney. And Doug Blakeway is the founder and CEO of Nanotech Security (TSXV:NTS), which is disrupting the anti-counterfeiting security and authentication industry.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 14: CEO of Canada Jetlines, Neo Lithium & Roger Dent

Capital Ideas Media Publisher Mark Bunting talks to Canada Jetlines’ (TSXV:JET) CEO Stan Gadek about his plan to start a “price rebellion” in airfares in Canada with an ultra-low cost carrier model. Mark also interviews Cormark Securities analyst MacMurray Whale, who has visited Neo Lithium’s (TSXV:NLC) huge mine in Argentina and says the company’s pace of activity so far has been “remarkable”. Plus, renowned small cap manager Roger Dent with three investment ideas.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 13: CEO of Village Farms, plus Ryan Irvine

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to Village Farms International CEO Michael DeGiglio about the company’s transformational transition from growing greenhouse produce to cannabis cultivation, and how the company plans to supply half of Canada’s cannabis demand. Mark also talks to small cap guru Ryan Irvine of KeyStone Financial Publishing who brings you three of his favourite investment ideas. Ryan’s 18-year annual average return is more than 37%. Ryan’s picks must be respected.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 12: CEOs of AcuityAds & Symbility Solutions, plus Fabrice Taylor

Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEO of AcuityAds (TSXV:AT), Tal Hayek, about the company’s leading-edge programmatic advertising technology, the massive opportunity in the sector, and his plans to continue the company’s rapid growth through acquisitions. Mark also talks to Symbility Solutions (TSXV:SY) CEO James Swayze about the company’s machine learning technology, which is curating more than a billion pieces of data to make its insurance customers claims processing more cost efficient. Plus, Fabrice Taylor drops by for an informative session on how to trade bought deals and secondary offerings for quick profits.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 11: CEOs of Aveda & Deveron UAS plus Fabrice Taylor

Capital Ideas Media Publisher Mark Bunting talks to Aveda Transportation & Energy Services CEO Ronnie Witherspoon about the drilling rig equipment mover’s fast turnaround, stellar list of clients and how Aveda achieved record revenue and growing EBITDA. Contributor Fabrice Taylor updates the Cannabis Wheaton story and explains how to avoid losing money in a financing. Plus, David MacMillan, the CEO of drone solutions for agriculture company Deveron UAS, on striking a deal with one of the largest ag companies in the world. This episode also features Insider Buying and 52-Week Highs & Lows.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 10: CEOs of Organic Garage & Diamcor Mining

Capital Ideas Media Publisher Mark Bunting talks to Organic Garage founder, Chairman, CEO and “Main Dude”, Matt Lurie. This entrepreneur bleeds grocery retail following a path blazed by his great-grandparents. The profitable Organic Garage “OG:TSXV” has a unique brand, experience, product and value concept with plans for rapid expansion. Mark also interviews Diamcor Mining “DMI:TSV” CEO Dean Taylor. This company is backed financially by Tiffany & Co., which has the right to buy all of the Diamcor’s diamond production at market rates. That production is ramping up as we speak.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 9. CEO of Park Lawn, Peter Hodson & analyst Russell Stanley

Episode 9: Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to Park Lawn CEO Andrew Clark, who’s helped to double the cemetery company’s share price since he took over through organic growth and acquisitions. Clark just engineered a “transformational” deal for Park Lawn “PLC:TSX” in the U.S. Mark also talks to 5i Research founder Peter Hodson, who has two small cap growth picks for you. Plus, Echelon Wealth Partners analyst Russell Stanley examines Polaris Infrastructure “PIF:TSX” and Pioneering Technology “PTEV:TSX”, and explains why they are both compelling buys.

Capital Ideas TV, Episode 8: CEOs of Profound Medical and VersaPay

Episode 8: Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to serial entrepreneur Arun Menawat, who wants to replicate at Profound Medical “PRNV:TSX” what he did at two previous companies including Novadaq Technologies, which was sold for $1 billion. Mark also interviews the CEO of VersaPay “VPYV:TSX”, Craig O’Neill, which has struck an important deal with RBC. He sees the accounts receivable automation company growing revenue next year by more than 250%.

Capital Ideas TV, Special Episode: Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld Unleashed!

Special Episode: Watch Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting interview the dynamic chief executive of pioneering medical cannabis company Aphria Inc. (APH:TSX). In a free-wheeling, wide-ranging, informative and entertaining conversation, Vic Neufeld goes in-depth on Aphria’s ambitious growth plans, why his rivals can’t match his costs, and the future of the burgeoning cannabis sector. Watch the full episode here or check out the separate video segments of the Vic Neufeld interview by topic.

Capital Ideas TV Episode 6: CEOs of Deveron UAS, Globex Mining and EnerSpar Corp

Episode 6: Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEO of leading edge company Deveron UAS “DVR:CSE”, which collects data for farmers using drones to help them increase yields and reduce costs. Mark interviews Jach Stoch, the long-time CEO of Globex Mining “GMX:TSX”, about his property bank model and why he says the way the market values his company is “absolutely ridiculous”. Globex will get a royalty from EnerSpar “ENER:TSXV” once it revives a long dormant feldspar mine in Quebec. Mark talks to the CEO, who says a takeover is a logical end game.

Capital Ideas TV Episode 5: CEOs of Helius Medical, Neo Lithium and Organic Garage

Episode 5: Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEO of promising company Helius Medical “HSM:TSX”, whose shares could soar with FDA approval for its disruptive device to treat brain trauma. Mark interviews Dr. Waldo Perez, the CEO of Neo Lithium “NLC:TSXV”, which has discovered the purest lithium mine in the world in Argentina and plans to feed surging demand for lithium ion batteries. Mark also talks to the CEO of Organic Garage “OG:TSXV”, which has a unique retail concept and is looking to quadruple revenue in two years.

Capital Ideas TV Episode 4: CEOs of Pioneering Technology, Drone Delivery Canada & Aequus Pharma

Episode 4: Capital Ideas research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEO of Pioneering Technology “TSXV:PTE”, which grew its year-over-year revenue last quarter at an 80% pace. Mark also sits down with the CEO of Drone Delivery Canada “CSE:FLT”, which plans to be the “first and only” drone delivery company in Canada. And we hear from Doug Janzen, who built Cardiome Pharma into a billion dollar company. He’s looking to do it again with Aequus Pharma “TSXV:AQS”.

Capital Ideas TV Episode 3: CEO of Siyata Mobile, goeasy & Fabrice Taylor on warrants

Episode 3: Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEO of Siyata Mobile, which is growing its revenue at a 50%+ clip, contributor Fabrice Taylor on how to profit from warrants, Dan Lloyd of Sui Generis on goeasy, which he calls “the most, well-capitalized financial he’s ever seen”. And we hear from the CEO of Solar Alliance about their ambitious growth plans…and William Shatner!

Capital Ideas TV Episode 2: Joe Mimran, CEOs of Photon Control & LXR&Co, and Fabrice Taylor

Episode 2: Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to Scott Edmonds, CEO of Photon Control, a cash-rich, profitable tech concern with big upside potential, and legendary retail entrepreneur Joe Mimran, the CEO of luxury vintage company LXR & Co., and secrets of small cap investing with contributor Fabrice Taylor. Plus, Insider Buying & Selling, Financings, and 52-Week Highs & Lows.

Capital Ideas TV Episode 1: CEOs of Legend Power Systems & Smart Employee Benefits & Fabrice Taylor

Episode 1: Capital Ideas Research Publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEOs of Legend Power Systems and Smart Employee Benefits. Contributor Fabrice Taylor takes a sceptical look at Aphria Inc and Cannabis Wheaton. Plus, insider buying, financings, and 52-week highs and lows.

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