Everybody Just Wants A Stock Pick This blog post was brought to my attention by one of our members. Since it fits our theme, I thought I would share – WallStJesus.com This may come across as a mini rant but allow me to spew some gospel here regarding something near and dear to me: traders focusing all their attention on stock-picks. And it doesn’t matter if those alerts are coming from a service, indicator or “Joe Schmoe” on Twitter. That’s what they crave, to the point that they overlook some really useful and quality resources that don’t offer the simplicity of alerts, but would actuallyRead More →

Updated Reports on Savaria, Black Diamond Group, Kinaxis, Ten Peaks Coffee, and Badger Daylighting – 5i Research At 5i Research we offer conflict-free research reports. Subscribers have access to over 70 easy-to-understand research reports, written for the average investor, not institutions. Ratings are handled with simple letter grades such as “A-“, “C+”, or “F”. Most stock analysts use inoffensive terms to protect their relationships with companies. Since we have no conflicts, we don’t care if we offend a company with an “F” grade. We have updated reports on Savaria (TSX:SIS), Black Diamond Group (TSX:BDI), Kinaxis (TSX:KXS), Ten Peaks Coffee (TSX:TPK), and Badger Daylighting (TSX:BAD). WeRead More →

Preview: What if I told you that as of June 28, 2017, essentially half way through the calendar year, only one sector out of ten (including REITs with Financials) was negative? What if I told you that out of those ten sectors, six of them had returned over 5% in the year-to-date period and three of those had returned in excess of 10% over the year-to-date period? With the TSX flat to slightly negative over the same period, you would likely call shenanigans, but it’s true. Only one sector is negative for the TSX in 2017 and due to its heavy weighting, it has beenRead More →

Canadian Listed Gold Miner Setups Agnico-Eagle has spent the last 7 months consolidating within a massive ascending triangle continuation pattern. A breakout above the horizontal resistance line at $67.41 would be extremely bullish. Target: Once the breakout has occurred, the price projection is found by measuring the widest distance of the pattern and applying it to the resistance breakout. Alamos Gold appears to have just completed a double bottom reversal pattern. The price action has traded back above short resistance at $8.94 (what was resistance should now become support). My trend following system has just performed a bullish double moving average cross which suggest thisRead More →

Taylor Dart’s New Seeking Alpha Article – Pure Gold Mining: An Up And Coming Gold Junior SetYourStop.com contributor Taylor Dart knocks it out of the ballpark again with his new Seeking Alpha article titled – Pure Gold Mining: An Up And Coming Gold Junior In a gold sector that’s full of depressed valuations, M&A activity is finally beginning to heat up. We’ve seen Mariana Resources (TSXV:MARL) get bought out for an 80% premium in late April by Sandstorm Gold (TSX:SSL). Newmont Mining (NYSE:NEM) took a large stake in Continental Gold (TSX:CNL) at a 35% premium to their share price in mid May. But the biggestRead More →