MY JOURNAL FOR MONDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 20, 2017 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Hap Sneddon’s – CastleMoore – Top Picks: ISHARES S&P/TSX GLOBAL BASE METALS INDEX ETF (XBM.TO) At the core of the pro-growth investment theme and global central bank rate increases, industrial or base metals offer one of the best upsides in the next six months, as investors growth more bullish on the outlook for supply and demand. Increased infrastructure activity, dwindling stockpiles and low new mine builds provide tailwinds into 2018. Using an ETF reduces individual company execution risk and broadens exposure by region and commodity. ALTAGAS (ALA.TO) AltaGas recently reported earningsRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR FRIDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 17, 2017 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Blockchain, Part Two: CEOs of eXeBlock Technology, Leonovus and GMP Capital Capital Ideas Media publisher Mark Bunting talks to the CEO of freshly public eXeBlock Technology (XBLK-CSE), which is developing decentralized apps (dapps), and has a historic, unlikely and cool spot for its headquarters. As a bonus, watch out tomorrow for an exclusive interview with contributor Fabrice Taylor, who owns eXeBlock shares, and believes the company may be the best of the blockchain bunch. We speak to the CEO of Leonovus, which is developing blockchain storage security for RBC and has surged since our first interview. We talk to the CEO of GMP Capital, who isRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR THURSDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 16, 2017 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Five unpopular personal finance truths – 5i Research Ryan Modesto, CFA, is CEO at 5i Research, a conflict-free investment research provider for retail investors offering research reports, model portfolios and investor Q&A. 5i Research provides content under an agreement with The Globe and Mail, which receives royalty compensation. Try it. With financial literacy month upon us, there will hopefully be increased attention given to the topic of financial literacy. While we hope there will be a vast set of resources through which individuals can learn more about their finances, we thought we wouldRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR WEDNESDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 15, 2017 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Ryan Modesto’s Top Picks Ryan Modesto, chief executive officer of 5i Research, shares his top picks: Gluskin Sheff, Avigilon and Kinaxis. At 5i Research we offer conflict-free research reports. Subscribers have access to over 70 easy-to-understand research reports, written for the average investor, not institutions. Ratings are handled with simple letter grades such as “A-“, “C+”, or “F”. Most stock analysts use inoffensive terms to protect their relationships with companies. Since we have no conflicts, we don’t care if we offend a company with an “F” grade. If you’re notRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR TUESDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 14, 2017 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS CAPITAL IDEAS RESEARCH Meet the New Boss! Dear subscriber, This 33 year-old Crown Prince could make you money. The dramatic and sweeping anti-corruption measures imposed by Mohammed bin Salman combined with his antagonism of Iran and Lebanon have shaken up the Middle East order, created uncertainty and, potentially, much higher prices for oil. Guest contributor Keith Schaefer, Publisher and Editor of the Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin, provides insight, context and the implications for crude and your portfolio in this week’s Capital Ideas Digest cover story. You might want to pay attention to Keith. He’s provided his subscribers with49 triple digit gainers since 2009. We also have new research on whyRead More →