MY JOURNAL FOR WEDNESDAY MORNING – DECEMBER 4, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Logarithmic Scale vs. Arithmetic Scale – 5i Research πŸ“° If you’re familiar with my work, you know I’m a huge proponent of momentum investing. For those of you who don’t know, momentum investing is a strategy where the objective is to profit from the continuation of trends. The term “trend is your friend” derives from the theory that stocks trending in one direction will continue to go much higher than assumed possible. In other words, great companies with a proven track record tend to continue to perform well. The difficultyRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR TUESDAY MORNING – DECEMBER 3, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Winpak’s Landscape – 5i Research πŸ“° Winpak (WPK) is a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of packaging materials and related packaging machines. Perishable foods and beverages account for more than 90 percent of sales during 2018 and 2017. Other markets WPK serves include medical, pharmaceutical, personal care, industrial and other consumer goods. Management had previously identified pharmaceutical as their target market for growth. The recent acquisition of the Control Group, which specializes in printed packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and personal care industries, was well-received by shareholders. The priceRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR THURSDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 28, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Be Aware of Crowd Psychology – 5i Research πŸ“° Schiller’s dictum – “Anyone taken as an individual is tolerably sensible and reasonable – as a member of a crowd, he at once becomes a blockhead.” At a time when many retail investors use tools like social media as a resource to find investment information, understanding crowd psychology becomes crucial. My daily interactions on social media can be summed up best by Economist John Kenneth Galbraith, “We have two classes of forecasters: those who don’t know and those who don’t knowRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR TUESDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 26, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Three Trend Following Ideas – 5i Research πŸ“° This quote is from my favourite podcast Top Traders Unplugged, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. The philosophy is explained in Barkha’s November 8th blog titled: Why buying at all-time highs is a good strategy. Below are three trends following ideas that fit the strategy perfectly. – READ MORE Dwight Galusha, CMT, is a contributor of 5i Research, a conflict-free investment research provider for retail investors offering research reports, model portfolios and investor Q&A, which isΒ available to try for free (Click Here). Norbord,Read More →

MY JOURNAL FOR MONDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 25, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Five examples of how investing in what you know can make you a fortune – 5i Research πŸ“° Peter Hodson: These ‘common sense’ stock ideas were just staring us in the face For this column we are going to channel Peter Lynch, who liked to invest in what he knew. Hang on, as we are going to get personal here, as we walk you through our past couple of weeks highlighting some β€œcommon sense” stock ideas that were just staring us in the face. Apple Inc. (AAPL on Nasdaq) IRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR MONDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 18, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Avoid these 5 deadly investing sins –Β 5i Research πŸ“° The Five Deadly Investment Sins start with the temptation to sell stocks too soon The Seven Deadly Sins were once singled out as examples of human weakness to be avoided at all costs. But when it comes to investing, Peter Hodson, says there are five that really matter. Mr. Hodson, at one-time chairman of Sprott Asset Management LP, says he has seen these sins repeated many times. They play havoc with your returns, chip away at your nest egg and leadRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR TUESDAY MORNING – NOVEMBER 12, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Ryan Modesto, 5i Research, Top Picks: November 7, 2019 Ryan Modesto’s Top Picks Ryan Modesto, chief executive officer at 51 Research, discusses his top picks: Knight Therapuetics, TMX Group, Lighsteed POS KNIGHT THERAPEUTICS (TSX:GUD) A long-awaited deal from Knight Therapeutics has finally occurred and markets received the news well. We do not think the story is done here though. The company will still have roughly 20 per cent of their market-cap remaining in cash when the deal is completed and once the acquisition is fully integrated, it should be tradingRead More →