Canadian Cannabis Stocks Update #MMJ It’s been about a month since my last post and there has been a ton of craziness that has happened since the then.  I’m sure at this point anyone who is reading this has been invested in the space or has been at the very least following it.  Below is a table showing the share prices of the stocks I follow most closely and the dates of my “articles”: As you can see once again these stocks had huge gains in a month with Canopy being the clear leader of the pack being up 133% since my last article. TheRead More →

October Pot Stock Performance: Lots happened since the last time I wrote an article on here and I have been awfully busy / slacking in producing another one.  The month of October has almost finished and it has been quite the run up again for some of the pot stocks that I’m following.  As of the writing of this article 2 of the 3 short term plays from my last post had significant gains with Canopy Growth ( and Organigram (OGI.v) posting 62% and 70% gains respectively with highs of $7.46 (86% rise from Sept 28) and $3.09 (83% rise from Sept 28).  Mettrum wasRead More →

September/YTD Performance With just a week to go in September it has been quite a month to remember for those following the Canadian cannabis stocks as closely as I have. If you are ‘NEW’ to the scene, fear not, for Dwight has asked me to do a bit of a ‘run-down’ on the Canadian pot scene. Allow me to catch you up briefly on what has happened in September and YTD with some of the public Licensed Producers (LPs) and prospective LPs that I follow before I give a brief analysis on why I’m so bullish on the industry as a whole: As you canRead More →