MY JOURNAL FOR MONDAY MORNING – OCTOBER 28, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Don’t Ignore This Chart! 📝 Schlumberger (SLB) Writes Off $12.7 Billion Greg Schnell | October 25, 2019 Schlumberger (SLB) has been down and out for a long time. The management team wrote down $12.7B in goodwill and other charges this month. For technicians, the actual science of that write-off is not as important as what investors think of the write-off. If that moves investors out of the stock, that would be a problem. Interestingly enough, Schlumberger is up 8% on the week, so that makes me more interested. The yield is almost 6%,Read More →

MY JOURNAL FOR FRIDAY MORNING – OCTOBER 25, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Checking In On Gold | Greg Schnell | Market Buzz 📺 Gold resists dropping. Is it setting up for the leg higher? Also, if you would like to connect with my new newsletter service, go to and click on the “Private Investors” tab. If you select the annual membership and use the coupon FOUNDER, you’ll get the founding members price, which will never change. That price is $285, or a little over $5 a week. Get it now! Good trading, Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA Senior Technical Analyst, Author, StockRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR THURSDAY MORNING – OCTOBER 24, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Don’t Ignore This Chart! 📝 A Dow Component Steps Into The Elevator Greg Schnell | October 22, 2019 As the major indexes continue to test the highs, we are watching to see if breadth widens out. Financials are moving up this week following JPM’s earnings last week. For those of you keeping up with my work, you’ll remember I previously suggested watching the financials to see if they can get going. Technology and semiconductors continue to stall, but the financials have been moving up. Moving to the industrials sector, Boeing (BA) has beenRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR TUESDAY MORNING – OCTOBER 22, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS The Canadian Technician 📺 Software Stumbles Greg Schnell | October 21, 2019 The software names have had a rough go of it lately, and that drama continued Friday. The industry group had another down day, kicking off Monday on a muted note. – READ MORE (click here to see charts) Friday was a tough day for the software industry. Greg goes into depth about how to set your chartlists up to quickly monitor important industry groups like Software. How to add an industry group, remove low price stocks, and sort with or withoutRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR MONDAY MORNING – OCTOBER 21, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS I run a series of scans each day that searches for abnormal volatility. The goal is to seek out the potential of momentum coming into an underlying name or sector. This allows me to identify trade opportunities before they become obvious to the masses. Below are three technical risk/reward setups that are currently appearing on my radar. Savaria (TSX:SIS)  After consolidating over the last 12 months Savaria (TSX:SIS) has begun to push higher from a falling wedge reversal pattern as the monthly ppo (percentage price oscillator) momentum indicator attempts to curlRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR WEDNESDAY MORNING – OCTOBER 16, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Don’t Ignore This Chart! 📝 More Chip Stocks Break Out Greg Schnell | October 15, 2019 Semiconductors as a group have been performing well. I recently heard some analyst coverage suggesting that companies were ordering stockpiles of chips before the tariffs kicked in, which is driving up the “sales levels” before the tariff dates. With the round of tariffs for mid-October coming off before implementation, this could create an odd situation where they stockpile but there are no new tariffs. So temper the nice chart of Nvidia (NVDA) with this backdrop. There haveRead More →

MY JOURNAL FOR TUESDAY MORNING – OCTOBER 15, 2019 NEWS, BREAKOUTS, MOMENTUM PLAYS, & BOTTOMS Financials Are in Focus! | Market Buzz | Greg Schnell 📺 Semiconductors and banks start soaring on the back of trade optimism and rising yields: I continue to make progress on my website for the new subscription service I am building. As a non-techie, it surprises me how much has to happen to get all the plumbing to work. With a few experts helping me, we are getting closer! Please head over to to submit your email address; that way, you will get an email in the next few days with theRead More →