The S&P-500 is currently trading less than 3% from all-time highs yet it is nearly impossible to find a bull in sight. Sentiment is currently at levels that precede strong market rallies as opposed to market tops. In addition, small investor put/call buying is also at levels consistent with cycle lows, not cycle tops. Bull markets end on euphoria and greed yet these all time highs have been met with skepticism, anger and denial.Read More →

The oil market has been leaking for over a year now, although after a 75% drop the price has finally rallied back over 35% and is currently trading above the 200-day moving average. As of yesterday oil made a new 20 day high which is a valid trend following buy signal based on Turtle Trading principles. As you can see in the chart below, trend followers using a System #1 entry would have entered Crude Oil at $40.40 on March 18th and would have been stopped out just below the 10 day low at $36.00 on April 4th.Read More →

Crude oil prices jumped on Tuesday after Interfax reports that Saudi Arabia and Russia reached an agreement on an oil-production freeze causing the share price of many of our favorite energy companies to spike and the loonie to reach 9 month highs. Although Taylor and I would like to see the price of oil base above the 200-day moving average, we thought now would be a good time to create a watchlist of energy companies our subscribers could follow.Read More →