Did Sony File Patent Application for D-BOX Technology?

SonyRumors.net reports, “Sony Files Patent Application for Computer-Controlled Furniture for Use With VR“!

On August 3, 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited filed in the US via the USPTO a trademark application for “Computer Controlled Furniture and Method

Sony_VR_Furniture_Patent-600x338“As crazy as the title sounds, it kind of makes sense. If we treat VR as a 3D ride (even though it’s much more), then by adding something like a remote-controlled chair, we’re able to take that experience and create a more immersive 4D experience.” – Read More

What I find interesting about this report is Sony actually partners with D-BOX Technologies (TSX:DBO) on many projects such as “Goosebumps Virtual Reality Experience” and movie titles such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Iron Man!

Here is an interesting snippet found on OpposingViews.com titled “What Is Sony D-Box?

While many new releases, such as “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Iron Man” have had theatrical releases with D-Box encoding, over 1,000 titles are currently available for home theater use. These titles include modern movies such as “The Hunger Games” and “Battleship” as well as classics like “Titanic,” “Scarface” and “Jaws.” There are even some video games equipped with D-Box technology.” – Read More

Jake Zim, senior vice president, Digital Marketing for Sony Pictures can be found on the Gold-Finance.com (The Largest Shareholder of Fidelity Investments and Apple Together & D-BOX strategic partner in China) giving D-BOX Technologies praise, “…the D-BOX motion chair with virtual reality takes this experience to the next level. You’re going to feel immersed in the movie screen, the virtual reality experience pushed to new heights.

As crazy as this all sounds (as mentioned above) this patent actually makes perfect sense! Sony has been rumored as an obvious acquirer of D-BOX Technologies for months now, but not only that Sony has also now patented what looks to be extremely similar if not the same technology D-BOX uses to create all these experiences! It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out and could be part of this reason for the recent climb in the D-BOX share price.

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