Ted Simmons

I’ve been actively investing for a little over 3 years, but have passively invested for over a decade. While not “big time” by any means, I started with just 2k in 2014, then have had more than 40k in profits. I win big and lose big. Diversification is not in my vocabulary. I’m not in this for a paycheck. I’m in it to change my life, and because I love the hunt. I’d rather be all in and right, than be diversified with a bunch of maybes. I’ve learned through profit and loss how to cut and run quickly if I’m wrong, but I usually do a lot of research to develop my conviction. I prefer swing trades that are surrounded around a theme. I’ve made the bulk of my profits knowing that a sector was going to move before it actually did, and watching it closely for weeks to months before that move actually happened. I like to play earnings winners, and prefer stocks with a market-cap of under 500 million. I’m still learning, make plenty of mistakes, and tweaking my process – but that’s part of the joy. – @TdSmmns

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